St. Isidore Auctions

School auction booklet - new orleans

Collaborative Team Projects — I worked for several years with the parents who hosted the St. Isidore annual school fundraising auction to create a wide variety of items for these large events. It was a very collaborative project that incorporated artwork from students, over 40 advertisements from sponsors, and design elements from many team members.


2016 Auction Booklet, 70 pages, 7.5 x 11″ saddle stitched
I actually had to handover this project before it was complete because I went into labor with my first son!

Mad Hatter's Ball Auction Booklet

Branding Across Multiple Items — The 2017 theme was a Mad Hatter’s Ball. Another designer made the cover logo and I used that as a starting point for the rest of the items. Although this auction was black tie formal, the style of the stationery was very whimsical and informal.

Because the book was so narrow this time and would be saddle stitched with quite a few pages, I adjusted the gutter margins slightly so pages near the center of the saddle stitch would have slightly smaller inside margins and larger outside margins and the opposite for pages near the inside covers. This way margins would appear fairly even after trimming.

Pieces included:

  • 2017 Auction Booklet, 62 pages, 4.5 x 11″, saddle stitched
  • Silent Auction Signs
  • Party Invitation
  • Dinner Menu
  • Dinner Placecards

Mad Hatter's Invitation

A Mad Hatter's Ball Menu

Gatsby Gala Auction Booklet

Solving knock-out text issues — In 2018 the theme was The Gatsby Gala and it was a lot of fun to switch into art deco mode. One of the main requests was to have knock-out text as much as possible which is problematic when stroke and font lines get too thin. The major challenge was typesetting large amounts of text onto super narrow pages without going over the maximum page count meant that fairly small type was required. As a result, I introduced the reoccurring gold lines so the interior pages could still have black on white text with matching design items from other pieces in the collection. Then I could do black flooded pages for some of the end-matter where the text could be much larger, and brought back some knock-out text as requested in the advertisements pages.

Pieces included:

  • 2018 Auction Booklet, 62 pages, 4.5 x 11″, saddle stitched
  • Silent Auction Placards
  • Party Invitation
  • Dinner Menu
  • Dinner Placecards
  • Address Labels
  • Thank You Notes
  • Letterhead

Gala Menu

Gala Stationery