Other Designs

Standing Banners for Varsity Learning

Standing Banners — Two standing banners for a Math Conference.

Client: Varsity Learning

Software: Adobe Illustrator

Business Cards

Business Cards — Business cards for two brands. The cards for XYZ Homework were set up with a spot UV gloss on the employee’s name and on the name of the company.

Client: Varsity Learning and XYZ Homework

Software: Adobe Illustrator and InDesign

Trifold brochure

Desktop Print Ready — This trifold brochure was for a small local company that wanted to be able to print them from an inhouse inkjet printer with minimal color and easily legible if Xerox copied in grayscale. It needed to be set up in Microsoft Word so the office manager could make changes as necessary.

Client: West Coast Training Center

Software used: Adobe InDesign, Illustrator,  Microsoft Word

Lobby poster for a gymanstics studio

Engaging Clients — The same small gymnastics studio requested an engaging poster to hang in their lobby for parents to red while their children were in classes. There was a LOT of text and I wanted to arrange it in a way that was a bit unusual and that would catch someone’s eye from across the room.

Client: West Coast Training Center

Software used: Adobe InDesign and Photoshop

Poster for Trout Unlt.

Infographic — This has been my first and only attempt at an infographic. Nonprofit Trout Unlimited requested a poster for a science fair that would explain to both parents and students the goals of their organization.

Client: Trout Unlimited

Software used: Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop