Business Document Design

Attention to Detail and Visual Hierarchy — During my freelance work I have developed a variety of business documents including several 4 to 6 page Benefit Guides such as this one. It always feels like an enjoyable puzzle to fit so much information into such a tight space while still remaining visually organized. Visual hierarchy is paramount in projects like this because these is so much dense information and readers need to quickly find the section they need and may never read the document from beginning to end.


*Please note, any potentially sensitive information has been blurred out.

Business Documents

Tailoring Content for Different Brands — From year to year, the general info doesn’t change very much, but every version must be tailored to the stakeholder’s individual client companies and their overall corporate aesthetic which requires research into their corporate identity. These benefit guides started from the same template and include almost the exact same verbiage but were rebranded for two different companies.

Multiple Versions and Variable Data — These technical forms might be output in print, emailed PDFs, published online, and/or turned into fill-able digital forms. They often require variable data to be included and can include up to 8 different versions so it’s imperative to be organized!


Software used: Adobe InDesign, Illustrator,  Acrobat Pro, Microsoft Excel